Clavichord Maker
291 Sprowston Mews, Forest Gate
London E7 9AE, England
Telephone & fax: +44 (0)20 8519 1170

I can now supply a number of useful tools and supplies for adjusting and regulating clavichords. To order, please send me an e-mail with your requirements and postal address for delivery; I shall respond with the total amount payable including post and packing, and instructions on how to pay by cheque or online.

cloth stripsCloth strips for muting alternate strings when tuning (state preference: thick, medium, thin)£2.00 per strip
wooden wedgesWooden wedges for putting in cloth strips when tuning (state preference: boxwood or ebony)£12.50 each
felt wedgesFelt wedges, for muting one string of a pair while tuning£2.00 each
bulldog clipsBulldog® clips, for securing loops to hitchpins while fitting strings£0.80 each
stringing toolStringing tool, for producing a tight coil to grip tuning pins.
(N.B. state diameter of tuning pins, or send sample pin)
£28.00 each
pin benderPin-adjusting tool, for changing the angle of balance and guide pins (N.B. state diameter of pins, or send sample) £10.50 each
threading hookThreading hook (line-baiting hook), for threading wires through listing £9.50 each
listing hookListing hook, for putting in or adjusting woven listing £25.00 each
Brass and iron strings, with loops ready-wound, supplied in individual envelopes (state gauge and material)
See also over-wound and twined strings
£3.50 each


Post and packing charges will be added to the above prices

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