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Clavichord Maker in London 1987–2020

I can no longer supply tools for adjusting and regulating clavichords; however, I have left this page ‘live’ in case it inspires others to make their own similar tools, or even to produce them once again for sale.

cloth stripsCloth strips for muting alternate strings when tuning (thick, medium, or thin)
wooden wedgesWooden wedges for putting in cloth strips when tuning (boxwood or ebony)
felt wedgesFelt wedges, for muting one string of a pair while tuning
bulldog clipsBulldog® clips, for securing loops to hitchpins while fitting strings
stringing toolStringing tool, for producing a tight coil to grip tuning pins.
pin benderPin-adjusting tool, for changing the angle of balance and guide pins
threading hookThreading hook (line-baiting hook), for threading wires through listing
listing hookListing hook, for putting in or adjusting woven listing


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